Planning Process

6 Step Process Graphic

At Seacoast Wealth Management, our clients are never just a number. We aim to establish lifelong relationships, even spanning multiple generations, which means we are deeply committed to each individual and family.

Our four-step process is designed to provide personalized service with completely customized planning to address your unique needs, account for your specific financial situation, and help you pursue your distinct goals.

By incorporating your income, expenses, savings, insurance, taxes, and more, this process creates a comprehensive plan and foundation for your financial future.

Step One: Discovery Meeting

During our first meeting, we will get to know you, address your needs, ensure your desires are heard, and gather the information necessary to develop your personalized plan.

Step Two: Preliminary Financial Planning and Review

Next, we will take the information we gathered, assess your goals, and create a preliminary financial plan to present to you for your review.

Step Three: Portfolio Recommendations and Investment Strategy

Once you’ve reviewed your preliminary plan, we will provide an investment strategy and portfolio recommendations complete with asset allocation aligned with your objectives, time horizons, and risk tolerance.

Step Four: Ongoing Maintenance

Once we’ve implemented your investment strategy and moved forward with your financial plan, we're here to monitor its progress. As your life changes, we will guide you in making adjustments that are designed to help you stay on track for the long term.